Monday, December 30, 2013

Pastorious Park

Pastorious Park is a 16-acre green space located within the Chestnuthill neighborhood of Philadelphia. The park was built in 1915 and was named in honor of Francis Pastorius, who was the leader of early German immigrants to the area. The park is located two blocks west of Germantown Avenue and is maintained by the Fairmount Park Commission.

If you like the outdoors...

  • The pond is located in the middle of the park. During my visit, it was frozen and I did not want to test the frozen waters. Also according to the Yelp reviews from park-goers, the pond is more of a water source for their dogs. 
  • This park is also great for kids to play outdoors because of the large amount of space.

If you own a dog... 

  • This is your park. When I visited on a Sunday afternoon, I could have sworn this was a dog park. It's known to the locals as an "unofficial dog park."
  • Be aware! Because this isn't an official dog park, make sure to bring bags and clean up after the dogs!

 If you love music...

  • The park includes an ampitheater and holds summer concerts every year. In 2013, they held their 65th annual Pastorious Park free summer concert series. The free concert series is held by the Chestnut Hill Community Organization.
  • You can check out some of the concert recordings here on Youtube.

  If you like to picnic...

  • Chestnuthill has great food shops located on Germantown Avenue. If you like to dine outdoors, you can buy food from one of their many local shops and enjoy a picnic with friends. 
  • You can click here to find out what delicious food is located close to the park! 

Click here if you would like to read more reviews on the park on Yelp.  

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