Thursday, December 19, 2013

Gorgas Park

Gorgas Park Community Website

Gorgas park is located within the Philadelphia neighborhood of Roxborough. The park is named after the Gorgas family, who were one of the first settlers during the 17th century. According to Susan Gorgas' will, the park was given to the city of Philadelphia to be utilized as a public space in 1882. The five acre park was revitalized during the 1990's and now includes a gazebo, a playground, a war memorial, and a baseball field near the bottom of the hill. The Friends of Gorgas park help gather volunteers to keep the park clean and hold a variety of events within the location. 

If you enjoy family time...

  • The playground includes a swing set, jungle gym, and a large amount of space for running around.
  • The Friends of Gorgas park hold a variety of events that are geared towards families. Events include:
    • Christmas Caroling
    • Summer Concerts series
    • Fireworks display
    • Harvest Festival

 If you appreciate the environment....

  • The Friends of Gorgas hold volunteer events for keeping the park clean. The events include gardening and cleaning up the park on a weekly basis. 
  • The park contains trees and space that is based on an incline.  

If you love beautiful scenery... 

  • The park includes a World War I memorial and pays homage to soldiers who have died in battle. There are also names inscribed of Roxborough natives that died in WWI, WWII, Korean, and Vietnam wars. 
  • There is a large gazebo within the middle of the park. It is located near the top of the hill, so it overlook a good percentage of the park. 


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