Sunday, December 22, 2013

Race Street Pier

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Located on Columbus Boulevard off of the central part of the Delaware River, Race Street Pier is a recent addition to Philadelphia's green public space. It was opened on May 12, 2011 and was created by the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation (DRWC). According to the DRWC's website, the pier was formally known as Municipal Pier 11 and was originally built in 1896. The pier juts out along the Benjamin Franklin Bridge and allows the viewer to take in the waterfront location. 

If you enjoy a quiet location...

  • This is your place! The pier is open from 7 am to 11 pm and includes multiple places to sit down and relax.
  • Whenever I visit, there is at most only 3 to 5 people on the pier. It's not a loud place because most of the people who are on the pier are keeping to themselves and are enjoying the quiet waterfront location. 

If you love the water...

  • The pier was designed to connect the urban pedestrian to the water. The pier includes park benches and grass so one can sit and enjoy the water.
  • If you sit on the benches at the end of the pier, you will get views of Philadelphia's ships and boats drifting along the Delaware River. 

If you're a nature-buff....

  • The pier includes 37 large caliper Swamp White Oak trees that were originally meant for the World Trade Center Memorial at Ground Zero in New York City. 
  • There is also about 10,250 individual 4 inch pots of shade tolerant grasses and perennials planted within the pier. The website mentions that it's meant "to increase diversity and add texture, color, and seasonal interest."

 If you like to take in spectacular views and design...

  • The design of the pier was partly centered around the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. When you are on the upper deck of the pier, you can take in the truss, deck, and cables that make up the bridge. 
  •  The upper deck of the pier is also made out of a material called Trex, which is sustainable material that is made out of plastic and wood. 
  • The pier was constructed by creating an upper deck and a lower deck and were created for different reasons. The upper deck is meant for beautiful views of the waterfront and the lower deck was created for social gathering and recreational purposes. 

 If food is your main concern...

  • The pier is in walking distance to Dave and Busters and Morgan's Pier, which is a bar restaurant. However, Morgan's Pier is open according to seasons, and is rarely open during the winter. 
  • Other restaurants are close, but you might want to take a cab or drive. The popular places for food are located between Market Street and Chestnut Street. You can click here to see what places are nearby
If you would like to keep up with Delaware Waterfront events, you can click here for their Twitter account! 

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