Thursday, December 26, 2013

Penn Treaty Park

Penn Treaty Park is a seven acre Philadelphia historic landmark that has been transformed into a public green space. It is located off of the western area of the Delaware river within the Fishtown neighborhood. According to the Friends of Penn Treaty Park, the legend of the location is where Native Americans met with William Penn in order to establish a "Great Treaty." Now, the green space acts as a local park for neighborhood residents and visitors. 

If you enjoy history...

  • When you enter the park, you will be greeted by a statue of William Penn. The statue is to honor Penn who met with Native Americans in order to establish peace with the chief of the Lenape Turtle Clan named Tamenend under an elm tree.
  • The elm tree is also honored within the park by an obelisk and a memorial by the Penn Society in 1827.
  • You can click here to view historical photos of the park that were posted by the Friends of Penn Treaty.  

 If you have children... 

  • The park includes a jungle gym set and swings for children to play. There is also a large field to run around. However, careful of the boundaries of the park because it is located off of the river! 
  • The Friends of Penn Treaty park host special events geared towards families. Some events include a Halloween party and Christmas caroling in the park. You can click here to see there previous events. 

Speaking of events...

  • They hold events for all ages. The Friends of the park do functions such as 'Champagne in the Park" and local concerts. 
  • Every year the park is the venue spot for Annual Shadfest, which celebrates the historical significance of the Fishtown neighborhood, Delaware River, and the park. 
  • Click here to view the Events page. 

  If you love spectacular views....

  • The park allows you to sit on the jetty of rocks and take in the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, the Philadelphia skyline, or the Delaware River. 
  •  I have also noticed (during the warmer weather) that locals come with fishing poles and sit by the river. 

If you love being outside...

  • This park space is perfect for taking your dog out for a walk. Everytime I visit the park, there is at least two dogs running around the large open space. 
  • There is enough room for running through the park, going on picnics, or even sitting on the variety of park benches and taking in the view. 

You can click here to visit the Penn Treaty Park's Twitter 
page to keep up with their latest news!  

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