Friday, January 10, 2014

Liberty Lands Park

Liberty Lands Park is a more recent Philadelphia urban park located within the Northern Liberties section. According to the Liberty Lands website, the Northern Liberties Neighbors Association was given a few grants from the Philadelphia Urban Resources Partnership over the years in order to create their ideal community park and it continues to grow. The 2-acre park is the largest green space within the neighborhood.

If you have kids...

  • The playground for the children is sizable compared to some of the other larger parks I visited in my list. The playground includes multiple jungle gyms and a swing set. 
  • The layout of the park is also designed for parents because most of the seating surrounds the children's playground. 
  • Some of the events are for the children, such as Halloween hayrides. 

If you love a sense of community...

  • The park was built off of the idea of the community coming together and the park is a representation of their community. 
  • On the Neighbors Association website, they offer outside bathroom subscriptions for a key to the two doors. The only way you can enter the bathrooms is if you have a memebership and key. 
  • Every sculpture or mural was created by a local artist. 
  • The Liberty Lands park site explains that the space acts as a social way to connect and bring together the variety of all residents. Whether is be 'dog owners, parents, gardeners, workers, business owners, and artists
  •  There is a community garden that includes the following:
    • 37 plots
    • Native American herb garden
    • butterfly garden

If you are environmentally-friendly...

  • Not only does the park have a community garden, but they have included a composting area as well. 
  • The small city park has over a variety of 180 tree species. 

 If you want to know more about Liberty Lands park, 
click here to read the park's Yelp reviews!

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