Friday, January 3, 2014

Capitolo Playground

Capitolo Playground is located in the East Passyunk neighborhood of South Philadelphia. The location consists of 4.1 acres and includes a playground, a recreation facility, two basketball courts, and three sports fields. The park was first named Federal Park and was a part of a city-wide project to build playgrounds all around Philadelphia during the 1940s. The playground and recreation facility now provide green space within an urban neighborhood.

If you have kids...

  • This is the place to go! The playground includes two jungle gyms, two swing sets, and a sprinkler for younger children. 
  • If you have older children, the park also includes basketball courts and large fields to play catch or run around. 
  • The park has recreational activities for locals including tee ball teams, day camps, and after school programs.  

If you're craving a cheesesteak or just hungry...

If you're appreciate murals...

  • The recreation center is covered in paintings of people.  The whole building is covered from head to toe in a local mural. Sometimes, the paintings of the people almost seem lifelike at different angles.
  • The park also has drawings of birds flying around the outside of the cement base, located right underneath the fence. They are brightly colored and are all similarly painted. 

If you want to know the environmental aspect of the park...

  • The park includes a community garden that is only available to the residents of the neighborhood. They even have a waiting list for gardening spots! 

If you're into haunted stories...

  • According to a article, the prior usage for Capitolo's land was a burial site called Lafayette Cemetery. It was used during the 18th and 19th century for over 100 years and eventually fell to disrepair. 

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