Monday, January 13, 2014

Pennypack on the Delaware

Pennypack on the Delaware Trail is a recent addition to Philadelphia's public green parks. It's located off the Delaware River within the Northeast part of Philadelphia and was opened to the public in 2008. According to the Pennsylvania Environmental Council article, the park is an expansion to the revitalization of the Delaware River project. Warning! There's not much information on this new space.

If you love spectacular views...

  • I wish I could post all of my pictures because of the surreal views of the river meeting the shoreline. 
  • The park includes two look-outs. One is located when you first enter the trail and the second is the gazebo spot pictured above. The first place goes out farther than the gazebo and it was most likely a former pier.
  • Many couples have been posting on the web about potentially taking wedding pictures around the gazebo and around the trail.  

If you love being by the water...

  • This is another great park to take in the Delaware River.  Benches are located in front of the water. So, if you wanted to relax, read a book, or even just listen to music, there are plenty of benches to do so.
  • People who love to fish also have plenty of room on the Delaware shoreline.

If you would like to know the setting around the trail...

  •  Further off the shore are massive spaces for recreational activities. There were multiple soccer posts and ball fields. 
  • People are able to walk their dogs, push their strollers, go on runs, and even bike without getting close to each other.

If you love the law...

  • This bullet point is a little joke, but the trail is behind the following law institutions:
    • The Curran-Fromohld Correctional Facility
    • The Correctional Facility Police Department
  • When I went to go visit, you could hear loud booms from the distance which meant the police were practicing at the gun range. 
  • Quick tip: The trail is a little difficult to spot off of State Road. You should turn into the the tiny street right before the police academy if you are coming from the city. If you are coming from the opposite way, you are going to make a left right after the police academy!

 If you would like to know more about the Delaware River expansion, 
you can click here to read a article about it.

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